God's masculinity (letter)

God's masculinity (letter)

John Davis

In the June edition of AD2000, Fr John Crothers, PP of the Parish of Penshurst NSW, argues that God is neither male nor female. After all, God is pure Spirit and therefore is without gender.

However, when speaking or writing of God we cannot do without a personal pronoun of one type or the other. Since the neuter pronoun "it" (which implies "thing") sounds rather disrespectful, we have to use "he" or "she" - there has been no other pronoun invented in the English language for the purpose of speaking of God.

So, what is the solution? Let's take a look at Sacred Scripture: in every reference Our Lord made to God, he called Him "Father", just as He referred to Himself as "Son".

Surely there is no greater authority than Our Lord Himself for using the masculine; however, I am aware there are others in the Church who believe they know better.

Kogarah, NSW

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