God's house (letter)

God's house (letter)

Melanie Costabile

I could not agree more with Matthew Greene's article, "Whatever happened to reverence?" (April AD2000).

Each time I am at Mass I am astounded at the fact that no sooner has Father dismissed us than members of the congregation are anxious to start chatting about their social lives. Even before then, some leave Mass before Father has given his final blessing.

As a young Catholic, I wonder what kind of religious instruction the children of today are receiving. I was brought up to have a great respect for the house of God, including the need to genuflect upon entering and exiting. Yet many have dispensed with this. Why?

My faith was restored recently at Mazenod Boys' College where I do emergency teaching. During class, at ten minute intervals, a student would approach me to inform me that he had to go to Adoration in the chapel. This beautiful practice has been incorporated into the school curriculum.

Perhaps if more Catholic schools implemented this, the foundations of their Catholic convictions regarding the Eucharist would not only be more prevalent in their family life, but especially when they enter God's house.

Oakleigh East, Vic

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