Can we really be surprised at the success of the book The Da Vinci Code in undermining the faith of so many of its readers?

The biblical experts have been trying to make Sacred Scripture into apocrypha (writings of doubtful authenticity) for decades, while the authorship of the Gospels is often called into question in Sunday homilies with the Books of Genesis and Job branded as fable by priests who con- tinue to hold up the Book with the words, "This is the Word of the Lord".

Is it any wonder that the gnostics are now trying to make apocrypha into Sacred Scripture?

How can anyone not expect many Catholics to be led astray by the ridiculous myths of Dan Brown and his fellow gnostics? And some exegetes never refer to the Evangelists as saints.

Let us pray and hope that the Church in the not too distant future will use her authority to reaffirm the truth of Sacred Scripture against all those seeking its destruction - and not merely the gnostics.

Ashfield, NSW

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