Ghana: help needed (letter)

Ghana: help needed (letter)

Name and address supplied

In a past issue of your magazine I read a letter from Obour Isaac of Ghana who was seeking the help of your readers in order to acquire rosaries for people in his community. I sent him what I could and some time later received a reply from him asking for further help.

I have provided the list of items to some people in our diocese I thought could help and thought you might publish the list he sent me in the hope that others may be able to help him achieve his goal.

He has written that he is wanting to build a "very big altar in his community" and needs help with the following items. From his letter it seems he also runs an orphanage school which may explain the other items he requests:

One large statue of Jesus; one large statue of Our Lady; 94 pairs of metallic rosary beads; 94 pairs luminous rosary beads (he specifically requested ones that shine in the dark); 94 Pieta books; 82 boxes of incense; holy pictures of Mary and Our Lord.

He went on to add that the rosaries that I sent were given to the people who attend adoration and to the children in the orphanage there. For the orphanage school he asked for monetary assistance, or for materials such as toys, books, bags, etc.

I have included the contact details below. In closing I would like to congratulate you and your staff for conscientiously upholding the ideals and traditions of our faith - a witness we all need in these times of New Age practices and liberal interpretations.

Obour Isaac, PO Box SE 1893, Suame-Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa, tel + 233-27-774-9899, email:


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