Gerry Matatics Visit / Catholic Homeschooling Conference, Parramatta

Gerry Matatics Visit / Catholic Homeschooling Conference, Parramatta


Well-known US Catholic apologist to visit Australia

Professor Gerry Matatics to address key topics on Faith

Former Presbyterian minister and Catholic convert, Professor Gerry Matatics, will explain and defend the key beliefs of the Catholic Faith and their Biblical basis at a number of Australian centres. Along with other well-known defenders of the faith like Ralph McInerney and Dr Janet Smith, Professor Matatics is on the lecturers team at the new and highly acclaimed International Catholic University.

In Melbourne, he will speak at St Francis De Sales Catholic Church Hall, 626 Pascoe Vale Rd, Oak Park, on 5-6 October. He is also due to speak in Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney.

His topics will include "Purgatory and Suffering", "The Bible, Contraception and Abortion", "The Mass: Heaven on Earth", "Did Jesus really know He was God?", "What saves us?", "The Saints and Intercessory Prayer" and "How to study the Bible".

Gerry Matatics is known throughout the English-speaking world as one of today's most exciting, intellectually-gifted defenders of the Catholic Faith. Formerly an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and a vigorous opponent of Catholicism, he spent three years researching and attempting to refute the Catholic Faith to prevent friend and former seminary classmate Scott Hahn from embracing it. Finally convinced by his studies that Catholicism is the original and authentic form of Christianity, Gerry, together with his wife and children, entered the Catholic Church in 1986.

Inquiries - Melbourne: Eddie (03) 9701 0163, Michael (03) 9842 7283, Bern or Cam (03) 5968 5787, Jimmy (03) 9893 3038; Sydney: Robert (02) 9708 1770; Perth: Raymond (08) 9202 1300; Adelaide: Christine (08) 8341 8434; Canberra: Simone (02) 6294 3441.

Catholic Homeschooling Conference

Lectures, workshops, books and educational resource displays

A Catholic Homeschooling Conference is to be held in the Parramatta Diocese on 3-4 November 2001, with the support of Bishop Kevin Manning. Many interstate participants are expected to attend.

The conference will provide help for those considering the option of homeschooling as well as for homeschoolers wishing to increase their effectiveness. It will also demonstrate why leading educators consider homeschooling a superior educational option.

There will be parallel sessions covering introductory and advanced topics in home education, panel workshops by experienced parent educators, resource displays and activities for children. Bishop Manning will celebrate Mass.

The venue is The Brothers of St Francis Friary, 119 Rausch Street, Toongabbie (old Marist Centre). The cost is $15.00 single and $20.00 per family. All inquiries should be directed to Garrick and Ellen Small on (02) 9636 4762, fax (02) 9863 5893, email:

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