Generous response (letter)

Generous response (letter)

Grace O'Hara

I have had a very good response from many people to my appeal in the February AD2000 for volumes of The Road to Damascus. Obviously AD2000 is widely read by some very kind and good people. I would like to extend a "thank you" to all concerned. I will remember all the kind people who responded to my call in my Rosary.

I have received two sets of three volumes from Sister Carmel Dougherty in Brisbane, who also rang me. Volumes three and four arrived in the mail from Catherine Althaus. (I was not even aware there were four volumes). I also received from an 83- year-old lady a copy of volume three, which her neighbour and friend had posted to me.

I am a sponsor for CEC here and many of my contacts are converts and really enjoy reading other peoples' conversion stories, so I am putting these books to good use.

Masterton, New Zealand

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