Fr A. Joseph

From the bottom of my heart I wish AD2000 readers a very joyful Christmas and a peaceful New Year. May the joy of the season fill your hearts. I thank readers for your fervent prayers that stood me in good stead in my personal life and pastoral ministry. I do wish to thank those who have been sending parcels of magazines, periodicals, rosaries, holy pictures, medals and spiritual books.

Above all thanks for your generous help to the poor students of my parish. With your timely help many school dropouts were able to continue their studies and undergo job-oriented courses such as needle work, tailoring, fashion designing, computer courses and carpentry. These courses will help them to get employment and live on their own.

With tears of joy they wish to thank you for lighting a lamp of hope in their lives. They look forward to a bright future with great longing. You are welcome to help such unfortunate children in their studies. We remember you in our daily prayers. May God bless you all for your acts of charity.

St Anthony's Church
Uthangarai-635 207
Krishnagiri District
Tamil Nadu, India

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