Generation 'Y'

Generation 'Y'

Kevin Cains

A three-year study of Generation 'Y' (those aged 13 to 29, including Catholics) identified three major categories of spirituality, one of them ‘Eclectic’. Eclectic represents ‘a collage of themes from disparate sources such as neo-paganism, goddess worship, astrology, various superstitions, or elements of Eastern or esoteric religious practices ’ (October AD2000).

This all sounds rather like some of the beliefs of Catholic Earthcare Australia (CEA), an ecological agency of the Bishops' Conference funded by ordinary Catholics. Senator Christine Milne of the neo-pagan Greens is an associate and advisor to CEA and attended CEA's two-day conference last year. Some CEA associates view her as the messiah on ecological matters.

CEA's Executive Director Col Brown advised the conference that ‘not surprisingly, many of Australia's conservation and environmental groups have invited Earthcare to join forces for particular projects and campaigns - our new found friends include the Australian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth, Greening Australia, Worldwide Fund for Nature, Greenpeace, Tasmanian Wilderness Society and the State nature conservation councils’. Not surprisingly?

Bishop Pat Power, Chairman of the Bishops' Education Committee, was advertised in parish notices in Canberra as a speaker with Senator Lyn Allison, Senate Leader of the neo- pagan Democrats, at a recent remembrance ceremony held by the group Family & Friends for Drug Law Reform. This group advocates a soft line on illicit drug use and Bishop Power regularly attends their public functions. The Democrats are on record as supporting the decriminalisation of illicit drugs.

No wonder so many of our 13 to 29-year-olds are turning to Eclectic spirituality.

Garran, ACT

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