Gender selection

Gender selection

John Royal

One cannot judge a couple for desiring a daughter, as the desire for any child is natural. But the way this desire is to be met is quite another. Like abortion, same sex marriage, etc, this issue will be divisive with the potential to cause malice, which no peace-seeking person wants.

Perhaps unknowingly, and like many others in society, this couple has been caught in a web of deceit, the strands of which have been supplied through the primacy of choice ideas of Nietzsche, the self-interest of Ayn Rand, the artificial selection ideas of Francis Gallon (cousin of Charles Darwin) and Freudian psychoanalysis, to mention but a few. The ideas of these pseudo-thinkers are appealing to many.

Divine Authority, the controller of all life, God, has been taken out of the equation and His attributes usurped by man. Warnings and advice showing the detrimental consequences of adopting such ideas have been given by popes and writers like G.K. Chesterton but have been ignored. In our haste to embrace new ideas and wondrous technology we have largely lost the use of right reason, indeed, of common sense!

Bundaberg West, Qld

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