Gender neutral

Gender neutral

P.F. Gill

At a recent Confirmation ceremony at a Catholic parish in Hobart I witnessed another example of the ongoing process of eliminating gender specific words from the Church's vocabulary in Australia.

During his homily the Archbishop made reference to his recent visit to Cologne and its beautiful cathedral whilst attending the World Youth Day there.

One of the stories often told about the cathedral is a long held belief that the Magi might be interred in the building. From the Gospels and Christmas carols over the ages both Catholics and Christians of all denominations have always heard the Magi referred to as either The Three Wise Men or The Three Wise Kings.

But today, in the Archbishop's words, they are "The Three Wise People".

I am looking forward to Easter to see how the Women Of Jerusalem fare, and whether they too are given a non-gender specific identity.

Sandy Bay, Tas

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