Gender-Bender Autos

Gender-Bender Autos

Bruce Dawe

Concern is being expressed over the use of 'inclusive language' in Church services, including the Mass

"If you've got a major problem
With your present Trinity,
Gender-Benders is the firm
You folks should go and see!
The God the Father model's clearly
past its use-by date,
And as ready for the junkyard
As a clunky Ford V8,
So trade it in with us for some
More stylized kind of car
More stream-lined, gender-neutral,
- One less particular.

And, once you've made that switch, you'll find
You'll hardly need the Son
- Our ideological runabout
Will guarantee much more fun!
We'll swap your Holy Spirit for
A more serviceable bus,
One low on fuel-consumption
- When you're ready, call on us ...

Yes, here at Gender Benders, we're all
Crazy lovin' fools
(We shouldn't be in business, we're just
Breakin' all the rules!).
History, said Henry Ford, is 'bunk'
(He knew the game);
One look around our showrooms,
And you'll be glad you came!
Our assembly-line's on overtime,
It's working through the night;
Before the Day of Judgement we
Know we'll get it right!"

- Bruce Dawe -

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