G.K. Chesterton (letter)

G.K. Chesterton (letter)

Tony Evans

All admirers and readers of G.K.Chesterton will have noted with pleasure the full-page article devoted to Dale Ahlquist's views on Chesterton and the work of the American Chesterton Society (December-January AD2000)

Since there was no mention of Chesterton in Australia those same readers could be forgiven for thinking that little is being done here to promote his works and philosophy, that it is all being done overseas.

This is far from the case. The Chesterton Society of WA worked hard for seven years to promote Chesterton, culminating in the well- attended first national Chesterton Conference in the monastery town of New Norcia last October. At that Conference the WA Society was reconstituted as a national body now known as the Australian Chesterton Society. We maintain close links with the international Chesterton Institute in New York and Oxford, and other Chesterton societies worldwide .

Through our publications, meetings, and the annual Chesterton Memorial Lecture we try to do the same as the American Chesterton Society: promote Chesterton's writings, especially among young people, and get him back into the classrooms, lecture halls and public discourse. We agree with Dale Ahlquist that "his ideas should be used to engage everything that is wrong with the world."

The Australian Chesterton Society can be contacted via the Secretary, 13 Marten's Circuit, Kellyville, NSW 2155; or myself, tel/fax (08) 9339 1403.

East Fremantle, WA

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