Future Church

Future Church

Tom King

The summary provided by Dr Frank Mobbs (July AD2000) relating to John Allen's recent book, The Future Church, with its predictions of what the Catholic Church might be like in 50 years' time, was informative and inspirational, in that one can so readily relate to problems evidenced today, with their likely potential for the future.

This edition of AD2000 was particularly relevant for our Buranda Latin Mass congregation, as it was the 80th birthday of our inspirational pastor and Jesuit, Father Gregory Jordan. Every positive identified by Dr Mobbs is manifest within Fr Jordan's stewardship, including the immaculately presented and trained altar servers whose ages range from 12 to 30 plus.

Saint Luke's Church is filled to capacity each Sunday, with large family groupings in evidence. This church has not been vandalised by the trendy reformers and while Christ permits our present Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, to serve in this life, others who are presiding over diminishing congregations and departures from traditional practice would be well advised to follow the example of this Good Shepherd and his core co-celebrants like Fr Jordan.

Thanking God for our 83-year-old Vicar of Christ.

Bray Park, Qld

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