Future Church

Future Church

John Barich

I would like to congratulate Frank Mobbs (July AD2000) for his incisive review of John Allen's book The Future Church. However, I question Allen's speculation "that Pope and Curia may relocate to one of the great centres of Catholicism, such as Mexico City." Is this to be what happened with the move to Avignon in AD 1309? Having been to both Rome and Mexico City I know which one I would favour.

In any case, it would be difficult to move away from Vatican City, which is a city State, and relocate in a country which can be quite anti-Catholic. What would the Mexican Government offer? Avignon at least offered protection. Will the Church need another St Catherine of Siena?

Also, how would all the holy shrines be shifted? The burial places of Peter and Paul, the catacombs, the Sistine Chapel, etc.

Perth, WA

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