J. Loring

Suppose someone were to make the statement, 'I'm personally opposed to rape, but I respect a man's right to choose in the matter.

Besides looking round for the nearest asylum and rightly condemning this sentiment in the roundest terms as one of the most heinous crimes and worst human rights abuses imaginable, let us do an academic exercise and apply a little thought to the argument in the form of a question and answer session.

Q. Why are you 'personally' against rape?

A. It's wrong, it's unthinkable, it's against everything a civilised society believes in.

Q. If that is correct, no rape could ever be justified, could it?

A. Certainly not. How could anyone propose anything so preposterous?

I think most people will agree that is more or less the gist of how the assumed argument would turn out, and find the conclusions logical and acceptable.

If we then replace the italicised words 'rape' and 'man's' by 'abortion' and 'woman's' respectively, we come up with the position ostensibly held by the prime minister, the leader of the opposition, and in fact any number of politicians, academics and others, both Catholic and non- Catholic.

Tragically and reprehensibly this view appears also to be found within the Catholic school system, and of course the politicians know and trade on it.

The ever-present and distressing attitudes to personal morality you highlighted in December/January and again in February, among American Catholic youth, and reflected in the West generally including Australia, show the harmful effects when spiritual blindness, denial and/or malevolently devious agenda-related brain-washing replace logic and truth, and are vigorously defended with outrage and ridicule when questioned.

As the German people now affirm and the Russians and the Chinese, inter alia, are hopefully learning to their cost, the insidious effect of continual, illogical, massively mega- funded, well-directed, self-deter- mined 'elite'-supported, all-pervasive and insistent propaganda can obliterate reason to the extent that the intuitively obscene becomes acceptable or even mandatory.

Would that our bishops, teachers and students were to value more and teach/learn the history of and reasons for traditional Catholic resolve, including martyrdom, so clearly demonstrated in the lives of such pre-eminent youth models for our times as St Agnes, St Gemma Galgani and St Maria Goretti, who taught two indispensable lessons:

1. What Catholics should live, proclaim and be prepared to die for.

2. What true compassion and forgiveness mean and may achieve.

Taigum, Qld

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