Freedom to be born (letter)

Freedom to be born (letter)

George F. Simpson

I appeal to all Victorian readers to attend the Freedom to be Born March on Saturday 13 September. The march from the Treasury Gardens to Parliament House via Flinders, Elizabeth and Bourke Streets will start at 10:30am. The estimated time of arrival at Parliament House is between 12:00 noon and 12:30pm.

We live in a world that is almost totally oblivious to the rights of the unborn and the dignity of human life. The general opinion is that nobody cares about abortion. The purpose of the march is to proclaim to our politicians and the general public that a significant portion of the population does care and is willing to proclaim its beliefs.

Our modern society constantly preaches about human rights and individual freedom. It is ironic that this same society denies the most basic human right, the freedom to be born. This is the most fundamental human right, without which, other human rights are meaningless.

The pressure is growing to legalise abortion on demand, even the late term abortion of a fully-formed baby, capable of survival outside the womb. This pressure will ultimately succeed if a majority of politicians think the general public is not interested. A solid demonstration on 13 September will show them that people are interested. Unfortunately, a numerically weak turnout will only encourage their existing attitudes. The march, therefore, is critical to the existence of the pro-life movement. It is not enough to come yourselves. Encourage others to come also and form groups.

For further information phone Right to Life, Australia (03) 9387 6288.

North Blackburn, Vic

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