Footy Show (letter)

Footy Show (letter)

Alan A. Hoysted

During Channel 9's Melbourne Footy Show on Thursday, 31 July, Sam Newman read a letter in his "Sam's Mailbag" segment complaining about a reference to "The Immaculate Conception" by him in a previous show.

In response, Newman launched a vicious tirade against the Church, citing the activities of paedophiles against children. He concluded with words which indicated that the Church had "no credibility". Presumably he was referring to the Catholic and Anglican Churches.

Having watched the Footy Show many times and seen his crude, rude, bawdy and arrogant antics, I'm sure the word "credibility" would hardly apply to him.

I feel that this attack is most unfair to the thousands of good Catholic and Anglican priests (and other Church members) who do their best to serve God and humanity. Mr Newman and other critics should check the White Pages to see how many Church organisations exist to help suffering and needy human beings.

It is not only the Church which has been betrayed by the sickening sins of the paedophiles (a tiny minority, probably less than one per cent). The scouts and the teaching profession have also been afflicted. Is Sam Newman going to smear them too?

We all despise paedophiles, but it is not fair, just, or even logical to smear a whole organisation because of the sins of a few. Most people would also despise those who give drugs to young people. Is the Geelong Football Club to be condemned because of the actions of one of its legends? Sam Newman should confine his remarks to football, where he has some expertise.

Thomastown, Vic

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