First parents (letter)

First parents (letter)

Scot Chaston

Apes and other animals are limited in their daily experiences to "simple awareness". Human consciousness is unique to the human animal in that it is self-aware, reflective, and self-managing. The human brain has a unique functionally asymmetric structure that is the physical foundation for our language-based speech/ thought capability that we call the "human mind".

Whatever the explanatory models that scientists use in their search for knowledge - such as evolution - the historical details of the physical and biological circumstances on this planet from which the manifold life forms emerged have yet to be fully understood. But it is reasonable for scientists to work on the hypothesis that the Homo lineage, whose cells share the same genetic material DNA as do all other life forms, did also emerge naturally from the biology and history of this planet.

The anticipation by scientists, that the genesis of the human person is in principle the same as for all other animals, does not contradict the Genesis story of Adam and Eve. We believe as Christians that God has intervened in human history. He gave Adam and Eve their immortal souls and the opportunity to be aware of His Presence in their consciousness. We, the only survivors of the Homo lineage, share that privilege with our First Parents.

Page, ACT

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