Fifth Commandment!

Fifth Commandment!

Richard Congram

With the evil of the culture of death now all-pervasive, its stench has become universal.

Rebel Ukrainian cubs of the Russian Bear wantonly kill 298 airline passengers who had no involvement whatsoever in their wretched civil war. They then deny independent investigators access to the site to recover the remains of the dead and examine the wreckage.

In Iraq, Sunni Islamist terrorists desecrate Christian places of worship and tombs in Mosul, and give Christians the option of converting to Islam or face death. Meanwhile, Shi'a Islamist terrorists in Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and Iran diligently pursue their goal to exterminate every Israeli citizen.

In Britain, parliament debates a bill to allow assisted suicide, while notable Anglicans, Lord George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, voice their support for euthanasia.

In Australia, a bill to legalise access to lethal drugs is introduced by a senator from each of the Labor Party and the Greens.

Also, the zealous euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke is suspended from practising by the Medical Board for failing in his professional duty of care to a mentally disturbed but otherwise healthy man discussing suicide, which he duly committed.

Concurrently, the UN Committee on Human Rights is badgering the Irish government to ease the "unacceptable cruelty" imposed by its ban on abortion.

It appears that the world is either ignorant of the Fifth Commandment or chooses deliberately to deny it.

With such mindless killing so rampant, it is incumbent on all of us to mobilise and unite as one under the successors of Peter and the other Apostles against the forces of evil abroad today.

We know they can never prevail, for Christ Himself has given us His word. To despair and capitulate would be to call Him a liar and proclaim heaven a monstrous fraud and that is unthinkable.

Mosman, NSW

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