Feminists (letter)

Feminists (letter)

Margaret Jones

I, among many others, am tired of hearing from the militant feminists. If these women want to do more in the Church, let them do more praying. Let all dissidents - clergy, religious, lay people - who do not agree with hierarchical authority remove themselves and congregate together. The sooner they do this, the better. They can then plan the style of Australian church they want and accomplish what they have been envisaging for years.

This would set orthodox Catholics free from having to listen to dissenters and allow them to get on with living their Faith, accepting Papal authority and heeding the Church-approved messages of Our Lady which urge regular confession, worthy reception of the Eucharist, prayer and fasting, daily rosary and Scripture reading as ways of putting us on the road to holiness.

Cairns, Qld

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