Feminist book (letter)

Feminist book (letter)

Among the recommended books in Toowoomba's Diocesan Pastoral Plan document is Journeys By Heart: A Christology of Erotic Power by Rita Nakashima Brock.

This is a standard feminist-goddess work which cannot be reconciled with Catholicism, nor with Christianity generally. It is a fairly typical New Age work which attacks the Trinity and argues for "Christa/ community" as a replacement for a patriarchal Christ. Its philosophy is effectively occult while advocating a form of spiritual eroticism.

In her Introduction, the author writes: "One of my guides for transformation has been my exploration into feminist spirituality. The feminist quest for the Goddess and for wholeness outside traditional sexist worship have empowered my own spiritual journey profoundly. My explorations in feminist religious communities have nurtured spiritual parts of myself not accessible through the church ...".

The following quote typifies the book's content (page 43): "In so-called primitive societies, trances are important as a source of healing and wisdom. In trances, spirits, which dwell in the concrete world of reality - ancestral spirits, the recently dead, nature deities, tricksters, and other cosmic powers that touch life, can be called upon for messages of wisdom, healing and foresight ...".

Journeys By Heart is all but incoherent, ridiculous as well as pagan, and hostile to the Christian God and to Christian morality.


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