Feminism dead? (letter)

Feminism dead? (letter)

While paging through the August 1992 issue of Reader's Digest, I chanced upon an article. The title was arresting: "The Feminist Betrayal". The author, Sally Quinn, asks: "Is it possible that feminism, as we have known it, is dead? I think so. Like communism in the former Soviet empire, the movement in its present form has outlasted its usefulness. The people who spoke for the feminist movement were never completely honest with women. They were hypocritical ...

"The movement was so intent on achieving the legitimate goal of equality in the office that it tried to regulate people's personal behaviour. And that's where the feminist movement ran into problems. What's happening now is that more and more women are falling away from 'feminism' because they feel it doesn't represent them or their problems."

This is indeed a timely realisation and a salutary revelation, all the more cogent because it comes from an honest and courageous woman. Says Quinn: "By trivialising the important issues in people's personal lives, dismissing what really goes on in the hearts and minds of women, the movement hurt itself and offered a target for its enemies."

This is what I candidly asserted at an important gathering - and I have been ostracised ever since!

Not much later, Margret Mills published her well-documented research and masterful study entitled, Woman, Why Are You Weeping? She was vehemently denounced and even threatened with dire consequences in a court of law. To this day nothing has been done! Yet another instance of the classic anomaly: "No prophet is ever acceptable in his/her own country."

Says Quinn, "For most women, equality and justice are at the head of any agenda. What most don't want is to be told how to live their personal lives. They feel betrayed and lied to because trying to live a politically correct personal life doesn't always work ... ".

"The truth is many women have come to see the feminist movement as anti-male, anti-child, anti-family and anti-feminine. And therefore it has nothing to do with us ... Most of us also have husbands, sons and brothers and fathers we love. We want them to be people who care about equality as much as we do."


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