Arnold Jago

Marriage provides a more stable family environment for children than does living with unmarried parents. Ten times more stable.

Recent British research, surveying almost 30,000 families, found that 75 percent of married couples having children stay together until the child's sixteenth birthday. Only seven percent of couples unmarried when their child was born are still together when he/she turns 16.

This confirms that families headed by traditionally-married, biological parents are, in fact, the most secure environment for a child.

Meanwhile, a 'same-sex marriage' bill was defeated in the Australian Senate on 25 February 2010, by 45 votes to 5.

Those voting for it were all Greens Party members - a party ever so keen to provide the best environment for trees, whales, lizards, etc. - trying to promote what is, arguably, the worst possible environment for young humans.

Mildura, Vic

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