Faith the solution

Faith the solution

Tim Coyle

The society we used to know continues to fragment into the bizarre nonsense of biological inaccuracies, males claiming the Medicare benefit for abortion, and with same sex marriage only a Prime Minister away.

Australia has one of the highest abortion rates in the world, reflecting the shocking failure of the social experiment of artificial contraception and the exposure of hormone-soaked young people to media-promoted sexual liberation, and the disastrous experiment of condom promotion epidemiology, which in fact has stimulated many young people to become sexually active.

One would like to think there has been some realisation that pregnancy and some nasty infections are in fact related to sexual intercourse and activity, which in itself must be addressed.

However, I regret that the focus is now on long-acting implantable hormones for women, an attitude to women to which any self-respecting feminist should be loudly objecting.

As Catholics, enlightened as we are, there must be a self-sacrificing lead which is the only way to bring about change. More faith, more trust in Jesus Christ and His Church and less recourse to the theologians of convenience.

Cairns, North Queensland

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