Faith and reason

Faith and reason

Peter D. Howard

Alan Barron's concept of loving one another (October AD2000) is vital and true if we accept also Christ's command of loving even our enemies, but woefully inadequate in failing to include what Christ also taught that to love Him we must keep His commandments. He linked obedience and love - the basic rule of His own life and death.

The unfortunate implication that other truths are unnecessary or unknowable (one denomination is as good as another) ignores the Master's examples on how we fail to love God or neighbour in His warnings of sins which defile or befoul (Mk 7:21), in addition to ignoring His guarantees against error in transmitting His truths.

Despite the redemption, Christ knew that our fallen nature needs God's special help (grace) to do His Will - hence the seven sacraments, the priesthood, the Eucharistic sacrifice with His Body and Blood, and the teaching authority, all instituted by Him, for we have to make up for what is lacking in Christ's afflictions for His body, which is the Church (Col. 1:24).

Christ's truths which we have to believe and to live out, known as doctrine and dogma, are not mere opinions to be chosen at whim or to be ignored but based on His teaching and reason using the Church which He established and protected from error (Mt.16:16-19). St Paul calls it ‘the obedience of faith’ (Rom 16:26; cf. Rom 1:5; 2 Cor 10:5-6).

Thus Christ's Church has enabled the twin pillars of reason and faith to provide the basis for human salvation and progress, and she will continue to teach and guide until the end of the world.

Springwood, Qld

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