EWTN tapes available

EWTN tapes available

Harry and Antoinette Zwaans

I refer to the letter of Daphne Thorose from New Zealand in the November AD2000 asking for videos of EWTN.

Already, for the past seven or eight years, we have been recording these programs and sending copies to everybody who asks for them, free of charge. We only ask that, if possible, the cost of postage (A$10.00) be covered for a packet of ten three-hour tapes. Some people also send us a donation - but we don't ask for it.

We have in our parish a free EWTN video library with about 400 videos, which we renew from time to time. Therefore we have a lot of older valuable tapes for applicants.

Recently we started to record the EWTN programs onto DVD because the quality is better than videotapes and cheaper to post to our friends.

We hope that we can continue to do this for as long as necessary - until TV stations broadcast "Eternal Word" or all Christian people have a satellite dish.

We can be contacted at 5 Evelyn Court, Beaumont, SA 5066, tel +61-8-8379-1159, email: hzwaans@rapidwall.com.au

We thank God for Mother Angelica and her EWTN, but also for AD2000.

Beaumont, SA

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