Evolution hoax

Evolution hoax

Fr G.H. Duggan SM

Peter Barnes has written that "there is a considerable body of evidence" supporting the view that evolution was the mode of God's action in creating the universe and the living bodies within it.

The trouble is that the crucial evidence is all missing.

Sir Julian Huxley in his magnum opus, Evolution: The Modern Synthesis, frankly admits this.

It is a well-established fact of palaeontology that there is no trace in the earth's strata of the transitional forms that are absolutely essential if Darwin's theory of gradual transformation is to have the slightest credibility.

It is a well-established fact that living forms, whether invertebrates, reptiles or flowering plants, all appear suddenly in the strata, fully-formed, in great variety and with no trace of any intermediate forms that would enable us to link them with each other or any hypothetical ancestors.

Darwin was confident that with the progress of geology, these forms would turn up. But they have not. Darwin's theory is that the diversity of organisms in the living world is the result of natural selection, which has ensured that among countless chance variations in offspring only those have survived that conferred some advantage in the endless struggle for existence.

It is now quite certain that things happened differently.

The verdict may be unkind, but it is warranted by the facts, if one describes Darwinian evolution as "the hoax of the 19th century".

Silverstream, New Zealand

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