Euthanasia in S.A. (letter)

Euthanasia in S.A. (letter)

Errol P. Duke

A further push in South Australia for euthanasia legislation, with the Bill to be presented around March, is not expected to succeed, but the issue continues to 'creep on' towards potential success in the future.

As with such endeavours, both inside and outside the Church, the cry is usually that the majority supports what is proposed. This can seem plausible when that majority is silent. But in my view, those of us who should know better, yet remain silent, share in some of the guilt of the perpetrators.

One hopes that 2001 will prove a turning point for all true Catholics to stand up for Christian principles and to network with each other so that a more effective stand can be taken against the evils of this world with things changed for the better.

Silence is not always golden. Actions can speak louder than words!

Elizabeth East

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