Brian Coman

The brazen arrogance so strongly implicit in our giving even passing consideration to euthanasia as an available option, let alone placing it before parliament for incorporation into the law, is staggering in its full portent.

I used to wonder about how Lucifer who, by the way, is immeasurably more powerful than us humans anyway, came to his grief by thinking himself the equal of his Creator. Now I wonder whether we are seeing something similar in our own selves attempting to usurp a role which does not and cannot belong to other than the Author of life Himself.

We can advance all the secular arguments in the world either for or against euthanasia but none of them can possibly be conclusive unless we first recognise the primacy of the law of the One True God so unambiguously expressed in the Fifth Commandment.

Giving legal sanction to the deliberate killing of one person by another is to mount an attack on the authority of God Himself and this is just not on.

Mordialloc, Vic

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