Eucharistic reverence (letter)

Eucharistic reverence (letter)

Carmel Strong

I fully agree with Rosemary Chandler (February AD2000) concerning the prominent placement of the Tabernacle.

Indeed the Catholic Church's teaching on the real presence of Our Lord in the tabernacle ought to be strongly upheld, particularly by those who ex professio are duty bound to encourage Eucharistic adoration and at the same time to correct abuses in this regard.

Catholics base their Eucharistic faith on the assurance of Christ himself, who at the Last Supper told his apostles: "Take ye and eat, this is my Body; take ye and drink, this is my Blood. Do this in memory of me."

Many adult Catholics have felt hurt and perplexed that this vital Church teaching has been allowed to be downgraded or corroded with subtlety in recent years,

Judging from the series of supportive letters about Fr Sebastian Camilleri's courageous article on the "Centrality of the Tabernacle" (October 2003, AD2000), it is obvious that many practising Catholics long for restoration of a more reverential attitude towards the Eucharist which in turn would renew family prayer and promote the unity willed by Christ.

Burwood, Vic

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