Eucharistic confusion

Eucharistic confusion

John Royal

In taking as written the comments of Michael Apthorp (September AD2000) on the editorial of Fr Tom Elich ( Liturgy News, June 2011), one is entitled to ask of Dr Elich: "If one is not actually receiving Jesus when one receives Communion, what exactly is one receiving?" I suspect that no clear response (if any) would eventuate.

Dr Elich, it seems, is capable of very expansive reasoning and has no difficulty in asserting that his conclusions on the Blessed Sacrament are superior to that of 2000 years of Catholic tradition and the reasoned defence of Catholic apologists.

It apparently has not occurred to him that in causing confusion or doubt he is not unlike a certain serpent all those years ago. Nor perhaps has it occurred to him that while he is free to believe as he chooses, he is not free to present as Catholic that which is not Catholic. This would violate the first principles of thinking.

Has it ever occurred to those with the "modernist" mindset that their innovations may have actually driven many out of the Church or discouraged others from attending Sunday Mass? (Nature's cuckoo bird is very adept in this regard).

However one thing can be said of those with such a mindset is that they are consistent and see their view of things as clearly as they see the circle of the moon at night on which Chesterton commented in Orthodoxy, "For the moon is utterly reasonable and the moon is the mother of lunatics and has given to them all her name" (page 21).

May it be only the Holy Spirit who guides us and may St Michael guard and protect us.

Bundaberg West, Qld

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