Eternal destiny (letter)

Eternal destiny (letter)

G. Mahoney

I wish to congratulate Father Sebastian Camilleri OFM for his timely and pertinent article "St Francis and the universal call to holiness" (November AD2000).

In his aura of holiness, with simplicity and humility, St Francis imparts a practical lesson of self-fulfilment in God to all of us, especially to those who unfortunately concentrate solely on material gain and false joy at the expense of spiritual values that comply with our main purpose in life: eternal salvation.

Fr Camilleri puts it well in his article: "Eternal salvation is a precious treasure - as in the Gospel, where the interested person would sacrifice and sell all he or she owned to buy it."

With all our material and intellectual progress, when will today's people become more aware that their life-span is short and needs to be focused on the promise of eternal life. On the other hand, fratricidal wars, abortions, deceitful pride and glorified sex can lead to eternal damnation.

Christ showed us the way of salvation and the Saints followed. How about today's Christians?

Avondale Heights, Vic

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