Enneagram Workshop

Enneagram Workshop

In his book Catholics and the New Age, Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ concludes, in a chapter titled, "Occult Roots of the Enneagram", that "there are serious theological problems with the notion of salvation in the Enneagram system. In general, these ideas are inconsistent with Christianity. Thus, they should not be taught in retreats or parish workshops" (p. 122).

However, Muriel Leith of the Toowoomba CEO recently promoted an Enneagram Workshop that was conducted by Sister Delphine O'Shea MSS in the Mater Dei School Library on 21-22 October.

Under the heading, "Discovering Our True Selves Before God", the promotional leaflet stated: "Study of the Enneagram can lead towards a new self-understanding - helping us to know our personal giftedness, and name the shape of our struggles and particular unfreedoms. This understanding can be a catalyst for self-acceptance, an at-homeness with our gifts and compulsions, light and darkness, overflowing into a deeper appreciation and acceptance of others. It shows the movement towards life and towards death within each personality type - it calls to conversion. Enneagram learning is a way of helping us come to a greater authenticity before God. The wisdom of the Enneagram helps us touch the truth about ourselves - the truth that can set us free."

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