Enneagram workshop (letter)

Enneagram workshop (letter)

Br Con Moloney CFC

In the November AD2000 mention was made of an Enneagram Workshop promoted by the Toowoomba Catholic Education Office. The article quoted from The New Age by Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ, who clearly demonstrates that the Enneagram has its roots in the occult. Fr Pacwa writes: "There are serious theological problems with the notion of salvation in the Enneagram system. In general, these ideas are inconsistent with Christianity. Thus they should not be taught in retreats or parish workshops" (p.122).

Just on 16 years ago, I spent a week-end doing a course on the Enneagram. For quite some time, I was an enthusiastic supporter of this system that purports to reveal to the candidate the nine personality types with their strengths and weaknesses.

Further down the track, I came across the writings of Fr Pacwa. He clearly showed that the Enneagram was brought into existence around 1900AD by a George Gurdjieff from Georgia and that the claim it was a 2000-year-old Sufi system is absolute nonsense. Fr Pacwa brought me to the realisation that the Enneagram was nothing more than a modern myth and could cause psychological harm to those who embrace it.

The John XXIII Co-op Bookshop (PO Box 22, Ormond, Vic, 3204, (03) 9578 2706) stocks a number of interesting tapes of talks given by Fr Pacwa on New Age related subjects while he in Australia a few years ago.

Indooroopilly, Qld

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