Br Con Moloney CFC

I was pleased to read the letter by Leo Leitch (November AD2000) in which he points to the danger of the Enneagram that is still widely promoted in the Brisbane Archdiocese.

Quite some years ago I undertook a course on the Enneagram and even became an enthusiastic supporter of this system that purports to reveal to the candidate the nine personality types and their strengths and weaknesses.

Further down the track I came across the writings of Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ. He clearly showed that the Enneagram was brought into existence around the year 1900 by a George Gurdjieff from Georgia and that the claim it was a 2,000-year-old Sufi system is absolute nonsense. Father Pacwa brought me to the realisation that the Enneagram was nothing more than a modern myth and could easily cause psychological harm to those who embrace it.

Those considering taking on the Enneagram should investigate Father Pacwa's book, Catholics and the New Age, which is still available from the John XXIII Co-op Bookshop (PO Box 22, Ormond, Vic 3204).

If these are accessed with an open mind, they should cause disillusionment as to the supposed merits of the Enneagram as well as a realisation of its dangers.

Virginia, Qld

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