Enlightening book (letter)

Enlightening book (letter)

Br Con Moloney CFC

I have just finished reading one of the most enlightening books I have come across in recent years. It is Witness To Hope by George Weigel. This is not only a biography of Pope John Paul II, but also a detailed account of the problems facing the Church in the many countries so far visited by our Holy Father. I highly recommend it to readers of AD2000.

Professor Glendon from Harvard Law School writes of this remarkable book: "At last, a biography worthy of the man of the century. George Weigel's graceful writing, meticulous research, political sophistication, and theological understanding make this a matchless portrait."

George Weigel concludes the biography with this tribute: "If the Church of the future knows John Paul II as 'John Paul the Great,' it will be for this reason: at another moment of peril, when barbarisms of various sorts threatened civilisation, a heroic figure was called from the Church to meet the barbarian threat and propose an alternative. In the case of Pope Leo the Great (440-461), the barbarians in question were Attila and his Huns. In the case of Gregory the Great (590- 604), the barbarians were the Lombards. In the case of John Paul II, the barbarism threatening civilisation has been a set of ideas whose consequences include barbarous politics - defective humanisms that, in the name of humanity and its destiny, create new tyrannies and compound human suffering."

Indooroopilly, Qld

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