Emmanuel Community: youth ministry powerhouse

Emmanuel Community: youth ministry powerhouse

Br Barry Coldrey

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On the other hand, "Fuel" is a monthly rally held at different venues across Brisbane, an afternoon and evening event. "Fuel" draws hundreds of Catholic teenagers to create a vibrant atmosphere of heady involvement. There are youthful leaders and speakers, the music of the Emmanuel Band, personal testimonies, prayer responses, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Mass, a meal and socialising.

"Voltage" is a weekly, Friday evening, event for Catholic secondary college students. Voltage participants are invited "to join us for fun with crazy games, awesome food and inspiring discussions about God, faith and life." Hundreds attend regularly.

In June there is an annual weekend for young adults, late teens to early thirties, at Camp Lawrence near the Moogerah Dam. Tash Pennington, of the National Evangelisation Teams and Luke Plant of the Emmanuel Community arrange this three day break.

In all this, the last word will be given to an experienced Queensland parish priest who remarked to the writer: "There is not a lot happening for young Catholics in Brisbane unless the Emmanuel Community is involved!"

Contacts: Emmaus Centre, Cnr Herbert Street and Central Avenue, Paddington. Youth Organiser: Scotty McDonald (07) 3217-5199, mobile 0449-894-989 and email: scotty@ emmanuelcommunity.com.au

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