Emily's List

Emily's List

Maureen Federico

Congrats to the good honourable people who received a Queen's Birthday Honour and no doubt deserved it; but the Victorian ex-Premier, Joan Kirner, is not one of them. This woman campaigned relentlessly to get the "legalised" killing of unborn children at any stage of gestation made into law and she finally succeeded.

Early in her time, she also had released into the public schools, the Labor Party's "Blue Book" which condoned, even encouraged, immoral behaviour among children of any age. I think from memory it was fairly quickly withdrawn.

Ambitious Labor Party women (and some uxoriously misguided men) who promote the notorious Emily's List seem to have come to a sticky end, Kirner being one, along with Anna Bligh and probably in future one of its original architects, Julia Gillard.

Heavens above, they might all get "honours". Not from the Queen, I hope, but from the moguls who run the Labor Party and do like to have some sort of a swan-song amongst their particular gaggle of geese.

Frankston South, Vic

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