Embryo experimentation (letter)

Embryo experimentation (letter)

Brian A. Coman

The one undisputed consequence of Embryonic Stem Cell experimentation is that the death of the embryo will surely follow. That the embryo in its pre-experimentation state is both live and human is not in contention among serious-minded people and, in fact, has been freely acknowledged by Professor Trounson himself.

Indeed, if the embryo was not live and not human, then I presume that it would be of no use at all to the experimenters. It is the condition of being live and human that makes it useful.

Logic tells me, therefore, that the legislation which has recently passed the Lower House with the support of the Prime Minister, and will soon go before the Senate, may fairly be described as a law allowing live human beings to be sacrificed for an as yet highly intangible benefit.

The very idea of the proposal is preposterous and only a few short years ago would have brought cries of incredulity from the populace. Nowadays, though, I'm not so sure, but am still optimistic enough to believe that a significant number of Australians are repelled by the prospect.

If I am right, then now is the time for those Australians to speak out in protest before our noble senators pass judgement upon this truly appalling piece of immorality.

And what further horrors can we expect from the IVF industry before, finally, it is shut down?

History is not likely to look kindly on the day we abandoned respect for the individual human life.

Mordialloc, Vic

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