Elizabeth Anscombe (letter)

Elizabeth Anscombe (letter)

Edward Clarke

I have been a reader of AD2000 since discovering it on a visit to Canberra last year and wish to congratulate you on its quality and content. We have here a fine Melbourne-born priest, a Son of Divine Providence, and he is always glad to see the journal and find out what is happening in the Church back home.

I would like, too, to add a footnote to the piece on Professor Elizabeth Anscombe, R.I.P. (March AD2000). Not only was she an intellectual defender of Catholic morality, but was also to be found praying outside abortion clinics, with some of her children, risking arrest and harassment from our over-zealous police force. One of these, her daughter, has since entered the Dominican Order.

Keep up the good work.

Skelmersdale, Lancashire, England

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