Elephants in the room

Elephants in the room

Frank Bellet

Attending Mass in another suburb recently, I heard the celebrating priest, who is not Australian, pay tribute to our country with the comment that we recently held an election, resulting in a hung parliament "and no-one was killed".

Not so fast: I realise he meant well, but he was not aware of the two elephants of death in the room. One is the fully grown raging elephant, responsible for the loss of life of a multitude of innocent and defenceless babies in abortion clinics, as a result of decisions made following the election of certain political parties. These candidates would have attracted votes even from Catholics.

Now, following the last debacle a few months ago, we have politician Bob "Green" Brown (Mr 9%) who, without the courtesy of any forewarning prior to the election, is poised ready to strike with a private member's bill in favour of euthanasia to be foisted on the public. This of course is the baby elephant, which will grow quickly, particularly since many of those in surveys who say they support euthanasia have proved to be simply in favour of not continuing useless assistance for a dying patient, which, except for the disgusting decision of discontinuing feeding, allows the terminally ill to die naturally. Those and the "let's bump them off" faction should be separated in any responsible and honest survey.

I would claim that more humans have died as a result of elections in so-called civilised countries, than in those where machine guns do all the talking.

Petrie, Qld

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