Ecumenism or Indifferentism

Ecumenism or Indifferentism

Edgar Bremmer

I think John Young is spot on in his view that ecumenism has resulted in less zeal to convert people to the Catholic faith (April AD2000).

For example, on quizzing a missionary priest who had spent ten years in India on how he went about bringing Hindus into the Church, he looked at me as if I had tried to steal his wallet: "Conversion? That went out years ago!" Then he went on to explain that he only tried to make Hindus "better Hindus".

He added that "ecumenism is our only hope" and that when Jesus commanded his followers to "make disciples of all nations", he didn't mean these days.

In my view, ecumenism has in effect become another gospel indistinguishable from pluralism and indifferentism. To many ecumenists, Catholic truths are "bigotry" and conversion "imperialism". Imagine St Paul setting out to make pagans "better pagans"!

It is time the present perverse brand of ecumenism is consigned to the rubbish bin of history.

Gladstone, Qld

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