Ecclesial unity

Ecclesial unity

Meg Fennell

Your report (March AD2000) regarding the Society of St Pius X's publicity initiative of sending a book to all priests in Australia and inviting those interested to contact the SSPX for "assistance and support" is timely, in that:

(1) The valid arguments raised by Father Tattersall, as a matter of just concern, may help the priests who read AD2000 to realise that Latin Mass priests who remain loyal to the Church's magisterial authority had nothing to do with this burst of short- sighted enthusiasm.

(2) Your informative news clip, hopefully, may give food for thought to any St Pius X readers of your journal. (This latest venture leaves the impression that the Traditional Latin Mass is an end in itself; one which needs to be justified and its cause furthered for its own sake - irrespective of compromise to ecclesial unity within the Church in the process.)

The Latin Mass is becoming increasingly available under the authority of Rome - and would be more so with the additional support it could have. In their ministry, the Fraternity of St Peter (official chaplains) and like-minded priests who offer the 1962 Mass give witness that, indeed, this beautiful liturgy stands on its own merits.

The Eternal God does not need us to "lobby" His cause! Come and see for yourselves.

Bentleigh, Vic

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