Don’t create a new stolen generation

Don’t create a new stolen generation

Robert Bom

If the Bill to change the Marriage Act passes, children affected will lose more rights to have a father and a mother.

The new definition of the Marriage Act then becomes, that any two people can marry.

Any married couple will automatically have the right to children, by natural means, adoption, surrogacy or science.

It is clear that tinkering with the Act could ensure the creation of a new stolen generation, as children become a tradeable product.

Changing the Act would create a celebration of self-satisfaction for adults, with no thoughts for the emotional needs of children or their rights.

A recent Galaxy Poll confirmed that if the Act were changed, once people found out how badly it affected children, any MP who voted for the change, particularly amongst the Coalition, could be faced with annihilation at the following election.

The plight of children will become a vote changer.

West Rockhampton, Qld

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