Divine Office on PC

Divine Office on PC

John Rayner

I see that there are several suggestions about websites for use on Androids and the like.

I have both a PC and an Android and on both I have access to the traditional Roman Breviary and neither cost me anything. Anyone can access the website: http://divinumofficium.com/cgi-bin/horas/officium.pl

This gives you the Office each day and it updates each day according to the date on your machine.

The Office is in Latin and English in the traditional side-by-side arrangement. There is the opening page and then one goes to the bottom of the page to select which particular Office you wish to say.

This is also repeated at the end of any Office so that one can move on from Matins (The Office of Readings) to Lauds (Morning Prayer), etc.

I read somewhere that over 30% of all priests say their Office by accessing the Internet. Although I have the actual books themselves I like to use my Android on my knee.

Hillarys, WA

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