Disrespect (letter)

Disrespect (letter)

John Casamento

It's unfortunate that it takes a layman to berate massgoers for their irreverent behaviour before the Blessed Sacrament. ("Whatever Happened to Reverence at Mass?", March AD2000).

This disrespect has been pandemic for years and many of the clergy, it seems, have allowed it to continue by their indifference.

Our churches were not built to be forums for loud socialising but rather places of communal worship and havens of peace and silence for those wishing to pray - before or after Mass, or whenever.

Imagine the outrage of a theatre-goer, expecting to experience what he or she went to the theatre for, only to be assailed by an audience engaged in social conversations.

This is the rudeness one experiences every week after Mass. But overriding that is the shocking disrespect to the Blessed Sacrament.

Bundoora, Vic

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