Different Church (letter)

Different Church (letter)

Frank Smith

I must belong to a different Church from (former) Fr Paul Collins. Where Paul Collins sees spiritual aridity, obsesses needlessly over the exercise of Papal authority and scandalously attacks the Church's truly liberating teachings, as a young Catholic, I daily witness precisely the opposite: a Church already experiencing the blessings of what Pope John Paul has called "the new evangelisation". The fruit is already there to be seen, for example, in the new ecclesial movements and orthodox religious orders evident even in the local Church.

Mr Collins' tediously oppositionist stance seems to lay the blame for the utter failure of liberal Catholicism to bear fruit at the feet of "Rome", and especially the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

After all, Rome is apparently "obstructing progress." Hardly. The 2.1 million young people at World Youth Day in Rome last year, in full and passionate communion with the Pope, witnessed to a radically different story. Collins' version of what constitutes "progress" is in truth nothing other than decay. Mercifully, this aspect of the Church is slowly dying - however publicly and noisily.

Curtin, ACT

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