Definitions by design

Definitions by design

J. Loring

In society generally these days, inversions proliferate. Among the more pernicious surely of the targeted definitions routinely and so falsely inflicted must be the following:

1. The word "moderate" consistently applied to those who support abortion and the culture of death. Opponents are then of course systematically demonised as "right-wing, fundamentalists" and "extreme".

2. True Catholic views on serious moral matters are "religious" and hence not permitted, particularly where they contradict atheistic or paganistic propaganda.

3. Just criticism of immorality and flawed or incomplete reasoning is maliciously and just as consistently attacked as, "negativity".

Judging by how often it is repeated, in their attempts at self-justification, this limiting mental affliction has unfortunately become a very prevalent weapon among a powerful sector within the church as well.

I never thought I'd live to see the day when truth would be brushed off as something "negative".

Taigum, Qld

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