Defending marriage

Defending marriage

Mark Szymczak

The side by side articles of Catholic politicians and same-sex "marriage", and Catholic universities and secularism, is a superb juxtaposition (February AD2000).

Archbishop Chaput clearly outlines the weakening position of Catholicism in public life.

Michael Gilchrist's article alludes to the pathetic situation whereby the former Dux and Captain of a Catholic school, and now MP, is an advocate for the ridiculous proposition of same-sex marriage.

Marriage is a Sacrament and through marriage we share in the creative power of Almighty God.

Marriage has a physical dimension, the complete giving of oneself to another, an exchange, a communication unique to husband and wife.

We must now strive ever harder to defend marriage. Without good marriages, which start with the right ideas, the future is bleak.

Clayton, VIC

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