Decline of the faith (letter)

Decline of the faith (letter)

Brian Carter

A number of your readers have expressed their concern at the watering down of the faith which has occurred over the past few years. Why is it that we Catholics are rather reticent to talk about our faith, in contrast to discussions of our favourite football team. Is it that we are not getting leadership from the pulpit?

I recently read an article from the US, which raised the same question. It said that even though the Vatican thunders about abortion, same-sex marriage, assisted suicide, illicit sex, consumerism, smutty sex education, defective theology and more, yet in most parishes there is little effort made to rectify the situation.

All we get is feel-good homilies. We don't hear about the Church's teachings on abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, pornography, birth control, the indissolubility of marriage, hell, etc.

Why not? Is it too controversial? Political correctness and ecumenism are all the go. Shack-ups and homosexual partnerships are considered morally equivalent to Holy Matrimony, with married couples not referred to as husbands and wives anymore - now they are "partners", just like those in immoral unions, lest these people feel "marginalised".

We are not receiving the full Catholic message and are being robbed of our history, doctrine and moral resources; it is no wonder our seminaries and churches are empty.

An announcer on a radio talkback program once said whilst discussing religion, "Some of the Churches' leaders are so concerned about being popular, that they are practically dancing with the devil".

It is about time our clergy stood up for Christ and showed a bit of courage - like Archbishop Pell when he refused practising homosexuals Communion.

Burnside, SA

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